Our module has four different power sources:

  1. GPS USB port (5V)
  2. Radio USB port (5V)
  3. Arduino rail pins (5V)
  4. Pixhawk connector (5V)

You can use any of the four options. The module is protected against multiple power connections.

Absolutely, simpleRTK2B only uses 4 pins: 0, 1, 2, 8, the rest are available for your projects ūüôā
The UART voltage level adjusts automatically based on the voltage supplied to the IOREF pin

Ardusimple simpleRTK2B module will work with any dual band GPS antenna with an SMA connector.
If your application requires a different connector, you can use an adaptor.

We suggest to use Ardusimple’s GPS dual band antenna, which has been successfully proven in all the tests.

– In standalone mode:
simpleRTK2B can be used with any radio that supports UART serial communication.
The shield has full compatibility with any radio with Digi Xbee 2mm 10 pin socket that works in transparent mode.

– If you connect the simpleRTK2B module to your Arduino/STM32/… development boards:
You can program your own application and use any radio compatible with these development boards.

We have selected the following pre-configured modules: