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Q&A forumCategory: Questions
Ntrip connected – but «no RTK» light on
AnsweredArdusimple answered 17 hours ago • 
64 views1 answers0 votes
F9P and Arduino Uno/Mega Issues with Serial Monitor
Answeredclive1 answered 1 day ago • 
49 views1 answers0 votes
SimpleRTK2B heading with position corrections from base station
Answeredclive1 answered 5 days ago • 
80 views1 answers1 votes
Max Current Draw
OpenRajpinderjit Singh asked 6 days ago • 
65 views0 answers0 votes
Ardupilot and configuration of simpleRTK2B Heading Kit
OpenKoen Hertogh asked 2 months ago • 
230 views0 answers0 votes
Bluetooth Module to Inject RTK in Mission Planner
ResolvedRajpinderjit Singh asked 3 weeks ago • 
217 views0 answers0 votes
moving base application (simpleRTK2B kit LR)
AnsweredArdusimple answered 4 weeks ago • 
218 views1 answers0 votes
Set up caster with ESP32 XBEE and SimpleRTK2B Budget not working
AnsweredArdusimple answered 1 month ago • 
157 views1 answers0 votes
Multi rover config
ResolvedArdusimple answered 3 weeks ago • 
196 views1 answers0 votes
Setup simpleRTK3B with WiFi NTRIP Master
Answeredsteve22 answered 3 weeks ago • 
204 views4 answers0 votes
Configurations and firmware updates
AnsweredArdusimple answered 3 weeks ago • 
172 views1 answers0 votes
Reading Raw Data With Arduino (SimpleRTK2b)
Closedsungummy answered 3 weeks ago • 
332 views2 answers0 votes
Still not successful to get RTK2B V3 + 4G NTRIP working
Answeredroborobo answered 4 weeks ago • 
208 views2 answers0 votes

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