December 3: Production update

simpleRTK2B production

Hello backers & followers,

It’s one week since our last update and we wanted to share with you what’s keeping us busy.

First, we are still waiting for the payment from Kickstarter. We are supposed to receive it this week, but it’s still not in our hands. This has introduced a small delay in the project as some suppliers are waiting for payment to ship, but will not become critical as long as we receive the payment this week.

And what might be more interesting for you:

  • PCB manufacturing is on-going and we will soon receive the first batch of PCBs.
  • Sourcing started for the 80+ different sub-components that we use in our different products. Each component has its own lead time, but we are sourcing from several suppliers to improve this. Nevertheless this adds logistics complexity. We should have all the components needed for the production in 2 weeks.
  • We are already in discussions with our assembly house to confirm an appointment for production as soon as all the components are in house.
  • Packaging material has been ordered & our courier company is aware of the 200+ shipments that will leave our warehouse as soon as they pass the final quality test.

The update might seem short, but the 4 bullet points above are a hell of a job 🙂

And finally also some information for the followers that didn’t order yet: we decided to produce more material than what was actually ordered via Kickstarter, so we can also support asap any new orders coming through our store Earlier orders will be served first.

Thanks for your support and happy rest of the day!

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