December 12: Production update

simpleRTK2B PCB back

Hello backers & followers,

This week we received new material and we want to share it with you:

  • simpleRTK2B PCBs (the picture shows the back of the PCB for the first time :)) -> these PCBs are in the factory where the simpleRTK2B will be assembled
    simpleRTK2B PCB back
  • “Arduino header” kits
    arduino headers
  • Medium range radio modules
    MR radio
  • Long range radio modules
    LR radio
  • Long range radio antennas
    LR radio antenna

Next week PCBs will be assembled at the factory and will be shipped to our facilities, together with the GNSS antennas.
This will be the last material and we will be ready to configure, test and ship your orders.

More news soon, stay tuned!

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