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Compatible Software

With ArduSimple Multiband GNSS RTK Receivers


ArduSimple RTK receivers output position in NMEA format.
It is basically compatible with any GPS/GNSS App.
Find some ideas to use the receivers from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Android apps: SurvX, Surpad, Lefebure, SW Maps, Mapit GIS, Field Navigator, AgriBus Professional, FieldBee, PinPoint GIS, Field Maps, Google Maps, QField, LocusGIS, Mobile Topographer, Kizeo Forms, ODK Collect, MicroSurvey
FieldGenius, Aplitop TcpGPS, OCAD Sketch App, X-Survey, Tersus GNSS NUWA

GIS and CAD tools: AutoCAD, QGIS, ArcGIS, GeoDa, Google Earth, Google Maps

Autosteer: AgOpenGPS, CEREA

Configuration and Diagnosis: u-blox u-center

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