Changing the baudrate of Ardusimple Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module

All our Bluetooth modules come pre-configured at 38400bps which works for almost everyone.
We have prepared this tutorial for those users with special needs that need to change the baudrate.

  1. Plug the Bluetooth module to your simpleRTK2B board
  2. Connect the simpleRTK2B board to your computer via XBEE+POWER USB connector
  3. Open a terminal application (like Realterm or similar)
  4. Connect to the COM port and use 38400bps as baudrate
  5. Bridge the two upper pins with a wire (you only need to do it a moment, no need to keep the bridge all the time)
  6. To make sure everything is correct, you can send this string (Send ASCII): AT followed by CR and LF
  7. The module should respond with OK (if it doesn’t, click Send ASCII button a few times)
  8. Now you can send AT+UART=38400,0,0 followed by CR and LF
    Change 38400 for your desired baudrate.
    This time, the module may not respond but the changes will take effect the next time you reset the module.

And that’s all, remember to update the baudrate settings on your simpleRTK2B UART2 port to match the new settings on your BT board.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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