Ardusimple’s OEM antenna vs u-blox ANN-MB & Tallysman TW3865

Multiband GNSS antenna comparison

Today it’s a good day to talk about antennas. There has been a lot of questions about our dual band antenna, and we thought it was necessary to show you some more detailed information about it, especially before the campaign finishes.

Rather than just sharing with you a datasheet, we decided to get hold of a u-blox ANN-MB (thanks u-blox for the sample!) and a Tallysman TW3865.

Instead of taking them to the lab and measuring the exact parameters and performance, we tried to keep it simple. We compared them as you would compare them: connecting them to a receiver under live signals.

Note that Ardusimple’s IP65 antenna has the same performance as our OEM version used for the tests.

Datasheet Comparison:

Ardusimple OEM u-blox ANN-MB Tallysman TW3865
Unit price USD 63.5 ? 213.5
Availability today Yes No Yes
Operating temperature -30 to +75 deg (without case) -40 to +85 deg -40 to +85 deg (without case)
Weight 78g (incl. 30cm cable, excl case) 167g (including case & 5m cable) 70g (excluding case & cable)
GND plane used for datasheet tests 7 x 7 cm 15 x 15 cm 10 x 10 cm
Delivered with GND plane Diameter 6.5 cm 5 x 5.5 cm Diameter 6.1 cm
Operating voltage 2.5 – 5.5V, Typ 3.0V 3.0 – 5.0V 2.5 – 12V
Current consumption 20mA @ 3V 16mA @ 5V 24mA @ ?
Antenna peak gain Typ: 4dBic (L1), 1.5dBi (L2) Typ: 3.5dBic (L1), 2 dBic (L2) Min: 4.5dBic (L1), 3dBic (L2)
LNA gain 26dB 28dB 28dB
LNA noise figure Typ: 2.2dB (L1), 2.8dB (L2) Max: 2.7dB (L1), 3.8dB (L2) Typ: 1.5dB
Bandwidth 1565-1605MHz, 1207-1247MHz 1559-1606MHz, 1197-1249MHz 1557-1606MHz, 1213-1261MHz

Live Static Test:

We took the 3 antennas and connected them to 3 simpleRTK2B boards, installed in the same location. We then  measured the average signal level on each of the supported bands compatible with ZED-F9P:

And the average position accuracy in meters, without corrections:

Ardusimple OEM u-blox ANN-MB Tallysman TW3865
Position accuracy 3D 0.973 0.99 1.019
PDOP 1.1 1.1 1.1
SV used 22 22 22

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, if we removed the labels with the antenna names, it would have been difficult to say which antenna is which.

Nevertheless we have no doubt that both Tallysman and u-blox are very good antennas, and it would have been very interesting to also run tests in difficult conditions like noisy environments, multipath, bad installations, etc.

But our intention was not to show that which antenna is the best. We just wanted to make one point: affordable high precision is here!

If you made it here, hope it was interesting!

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