ArduSimple gets new logo

Ardusimple Logo

Dear followers,

When we started this project 2 years ago we did not imagine it would arrive to the dimension that it is today: from a garage project to a small multinational company with global customers, in a matter of 2 years.
A few big news and exciting new product launches are coming in the next weeks, that we expect will change again the dimension of ArduSimple.
Our original logo (and name) was inspired by the Arduino logo since our products are compatible with their platforms and we wanted to transmit the idea of low cost and simplicity.
While we still keep these values we think it is now time to differentiate ourselves from the Arduino project.

For above reasons, and taking advantage that the home office wave in Europe is increasing our team’s creativity, we decided to change Ardusimple’s logo.
After hundreds of candidates we would like to introduce you the winner ūüôā
Hope you also like it as much as we do!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team