Antenna survey results and additional information about the antennas

IP65 GNSS multiband antenna survey

We want to thank all the backers and community members to participate in the survey about the IP65 antenna length.

60 backers have participated in the survey and here are the results:

IP65 GNSS multiband antenna survey

The most voted option, by far, is the 5m cable and we will update it accordingly.

We can’t edit the product description in the Kickstarter main page, so these are the technical specifications:

  • OEM antenna:
    • 39cm cable length
    • Non-magnetic base
    • Download the 3D model here
  • IP65 antenna:
    • 5m cable length
    • Magnetic base
    • IP65 cover

The performance of the two antennas is the same:

  • Environmental conditions
    • Operation temperature -20ºC to 65ºC
    • Storage temperature -30ºC to 75ºC
    • Relative humidity 40% to 95%
  • Electrical specifications
    • Operation voltage Min: 2.5V Typ: 3.0V Max: 5.5V
    • Current consumption @ 3.0V Typ: 20mA Max: 40mA
  • Cable & Connector
    • RF Cable (80 Braid) RG174, ⌀2.7±0.2mm , L = 390±4mm
    • RF Connector SMA 180º(M)
  • Antenna
    • Supported bands L1: 1575.42MHz, L2: 1227.6MHz
    • Gain: 1575.42MHz: +4.0dBi Typ, 1227.6MHz: +1.5dBi Typ
    • Polarization RHCP
    • Axial Ratio 4.0dB Max

Before the campaign ends we will publish a comparison with other commercial GNSS multiband antennas.

By default all our kits have the OEM GNSS multiband antenna with a 38cm cable.
If you wish to upgrade the OEM antenna to the IP65, please add manually 17€ (single antenna) or 34€ (for kits) to your current pledge.

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