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flightmapper asked 8 months ago

i would like to use the Ntrip Mater as NTRIP Client with my Iphone as a GPS Rover.
I need the corrected Position in a browser. During the data Acquisition there is no WIFI
Connection to the Internet in the filed, but Phoneconnection via LTE. 
How to configure the Ntrip Master and the Iphone to realize this?

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flightmapper answered 8 months ago

Configuring Iphone as HotSpot works to connect the Ntrip Master which is connecteted with a simpleRTK2Blite.
I can get the configuration page via the HotSpot IP.
How to configure the Ntrip Client? It is possibble to fill out the HOST AND PORT and the USERNAME, but how to get
the avaiable MountPoints? I know the Mointpoint i need, but every time i fill out the form and reload page, the MountPoint
changed to the default CERCANA3. How to save the configuration?

nebkat replied 8 months ago

Hi flightmapper,

You might be able to find some more info here https://github.com/nebkat/esp32-xbee/wiki/Getting-Started

Are you pressing the “Submit” button above the NTRIP configuration options when adjusting? Mountpoint listing is not yet implemented, but it is a planned feature and should be implemented soon.

flightmapper answered 7 months ago

Hi nebkat,
thanks for the information.
The PWD’S are not stored in the form, so i have to fill out
all pwd’s befor pressing “Submit” after any configuration,
if not the pwds will be overwritten with null?