Wifi NTRIP master as a base?

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AndrewRL asked 3 weeks ago

The instructions seem to assume that the Xbee NTRIP board will be used as a client/rover.
What is needed to reconfigure SimpleRTK2B to work with it in NTRIP server mode?
Will it be sufficient to simply load the base .cfg file from the repository (and to revert to client mode simply reload the rover .cfg)?
Or are any extra adjustments needed eg to the UART2 input and/or output protocols?
And is it OK to enable BOTH NTRIP server and NTRIP client at the same time – eg to better survey-in using RTCM3 from a far-away public NTRIP server before providing its own locally generated RTCM3 stream (and would that need any extra configuration)?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Andrew,

All that you mention it’s correct and it’s possible with NTRIP WiFi Master. The only challenge when using it as a NTRIP Caster, is that usually WiFi networks don’t allow external connections (NTRIP clients from internet, connecting to your NTRIP Caster inside your WiFi network). For this to work you will have to open the ports of your router.

Another option is to use the NTRIP WiFi Master with the NTRIP server function, that can connect to a service like rtk2go and rtk2go will be your available Caster in the internet.

AndrewRL replied 7 days ago

Thanks, apart from one time when it stopped communicating with wifi despite power cycling (probably an external problem, but only solved by re-entering WiFi credentials on the NTRIP master) it has been working with rtk2go fine for several days continuously.

It even now simultaneously runs as its own WiFi hotspot (for easier recovery in case of future problems with the site WiFi) AND as a TCP socket server talking to Rtklib’s STRSVR (to convert the RTCM 3.2 stream to RTCM 3.0 hopefully to suit an older L1 only rover – work in progress that one!) AND to answer my own question YES you can have NTRIP input and output enabled simultaneously to better survey-in (although I have now input a fixed location averaged over some hours with Mobile Topographer Pro for absolute consistency).

No I won’t be trying caster mode because this is mobile-wifi with CGNAT and opening ports through that is VERY complicated (and rtk2go solves the problem nicely).

Next project is to try to get it talking via RTK 2go with another simplertk2b roving but I think NTRIP master is not needed on the rover for that if I use Lefebure client on the phone to do NTRIP and send corrections indirectly up the USB and receive NMEA back to feed android “mock location”. That should work OK shouldn’t it?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 days ago

Hi Andrew,
thanks for posting your progress, very useful for the community.
Regarding your question, yes you can do that. But we have just experienced some apps are only able to use built-in GPS and not external GPS.