What is the fastest way to establish a base station ?

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yahya.aouledamer asked 3 months ago
I\’m working on establishing my own base station.
I want to know which way is the fastest to get its precise location.

  • Should I post process my raw data for hours ?
  • or can I use NTRIP service and get the location in a few seconds ? if yes, will the accuracy be less then the one post processed ? I know that the NTRIP will give me a 1.5 cm accuracy, then why should I log data for 12 hours, if I can get a cm accuracy very fast ?

I really appreciate if you can help me 

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clive1 answered 3 months ago
I’d have more confidence in post-processing, needs 20-30 mins of data. Preferably against a source within 5-7 KM, perhaps cross reference a couple of sources >30 KM
Yes, you could use an NTRIP source, and average an RTK FIXED solution (SURVEY-IN), do it until you get RMS numbers you’re comfortable with.
replied 3 months ago

Thanks clive,
The problem is that in the manual of the ZED-F9P, they mentioned that the base shouldn’t be fed RTCM while it is in survey-in mode !
please see the answer below

replied 3 months ago

This is from the integration manual :
“”Survey-in ends when both requirements are successfully met. The receiver begins operation in time
mode and can output a base position message if configured. The survey-in status can be queried
using the UBX-NAV-SVIN message.
The base station receiver should not be fed RTCM corrections while it is in survey-in mode.
If a corrected position is desired, the base station coordinates should be pre-surveyed using
RTCM corrections; the resultant position can be used to set the base station in fixed mode””

replied 3 months ago

I’m not a big fan of averages and Survey-In methods.
You need to decide what to do based on your own experience, experiments, testing and validation.
I’d use caution with the Survey-In, but it depends what options you have, and how well you understand the problem and the quality of the data you’re working with.
With some actual experience you might be able to weigh opinions, and draw conclusions.
The caution in the manual really relates to the over reliance of automated methods, like using scripts, third party data sources, and not understanding what gets baked into the results.

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