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messfuchs asked 2 years ago
I want to add a datalogger to my simplertk2b.. there are plenty of datalogger shields for arduino. Since such a shield has enough space carrying an wemos mini d1 it would be cool adding some internet capability too.
Would this work? What about the pinout of such a shield and the one of simplertk2b
thx for helping out!

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clive1 answered 2 years ago
Well the serial is on D0/D1, at a voltage set via IOREF
You could plug it into an STM32F746G-DISCO, get a MicroSD card, Ethernet and a screen..
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Thx, the simplertk2b interfaces are very well described and i know I could attach any computer.

I want to add it via Arduino shield. Would be cool combining for example adafruits data logger and on it’s remaining Space a wemos d1 mini as logic unit.

Do you think that will work?

Kind regards

replied 2 years ago

>>Do you think that will work?
It might, the capabilities of the Arduino platform, and your programming, building, integration skills aren’t known to me. You’d need to be comfortable with the data rates coming from the receiver, and your ability to concurrently write to the card. Writing data as single 512-byte sectors, and 1-bit SPI interface is likely to be pretty slow. Even the Grand-Central card, with a capable CPU, has a very slow SDCard implementation.

I’m used to writing cards at 10’s Megabytes/Second via 4-bit SDIO interfaces, to cards up to 200-400 GB, something I don’t think the would get close to touching.

The requirements to log 38400 baud NMEA data aren’t that high, but the ability to do things concurrently are challenging. The data keeps streaming, you can’t disappear for 10’s-100’s milliseconds to write the data someplace else.
I’ve got people using Arduino’s who can’t manage beyond 5 Hz 115,200 baud, they are using a quite capable Cortex-M3 micro-controller, so their issue is either with the platform or algorithms.

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Hej!.. Sounds very reasonable! Thank you for that information! I might try it with both, shield and a small computer named after a fruit..

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I am using this OpenLog SD card data logger :
only connected with Tx0, +5V and GND. I am getting raw data in ubx strings.

Thiago Kern
replied 1 week ago

Are you guys able to save 10hz date with this datalogger?

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ArduSimple has an OpenLog card that plugs into the XBee, so UART2 on the 1.x boards. I think the newer ones are switchable.

I’ve used some dRonin OpenLager’s as they have significant bandwidth and baud rates. They are very compact, but I’d don’t think they had the commercial success hoped for.

If weight/size is less of an issue there are several STM32 DISCO boards with MicroSD slots, screens, etc. and Arduino shield connection for ArduSimple boards.

If someone had a particular STM32 DISCO board they liked/available, I could probably be persuaded to port some logging code over, and have a card based configuration file, and uBlox configuration to dump into the ZED-F9P