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andy-parke asked 8 months ago

I am trying to connect to rtk2go.com port 2101 via the u-center interface (NTRIP Client…), but it seems to behave badly.
The aerial is plugged into the board (rover) and placed outside, the computer’s USB is plugged into the rover’s Power + GPS socket, with u-center running on the PC. U-center displays my location and the satellite connections etc.
Looking at the NTRIP connection logs, I see the following cycle:
a) connection to the server is established,
b) some data is downloaded,
c) a connection error occurs,
d) the connection is dropped.
1) Has anyone experienced this before?
2) When the connection is working properly, I assume the connection does not get dropped. Is this correct?
3) Could this be that I have chosen an inappropriate NTRIP mount point (either the wrong protocols or the data is not being published)?
4) Should the connection still work (not error) if I choose a mount point that is too far away (although maybe the data is not useful)?
5) What effect does it have to use a mount point really far from the rover?
6) When functioning correctly, how often is data sent?
7) When functioning correctly, what does the data look like?

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I have check it again , it still working .

This is the steps i did : 
See the quick video i have made here : https://youtu.be/rvtrCS4gLHo

I used USB-to UART TTL module to check repond back from TX to RX.
Connect the TX to RX like this , then plug to computer. Open U-Center. 
#0 Go to this link to check status server and your mountpoint :  http://rtk2go.com:2101/SNIP::STATUS
#1 : Select Baudrate and COM, please choose baud from 115200 to Higher.
#2: Configure NTRIP Client: 

  • IP : rtk2go.com
  • Port : 2101
  • Other : (just skip)

Then click OK.

Ah, and the mounpoint in the video below is YUMEFARMF9

At step0 :
#0 Go to this link to check status server and your mountpoint :  http://rtk2go.com:2101/SNIP::STATUS
Now Check status connection to server : 
As you asked :
When functioning correctly, how often is data sent?
 Look at the STR string :

STR;NDS-WTM-MR;Werdum;RTCM 3.2;1005(1),1074(2),1084(2),1094(1),1230(1);;GPS+GLO+GAL;SNIP;DEU;53.65;7.74;1;0;sNTRIP;none;N;N;3740;;

Here is the type RTCM message are streaming : 1005(1),1074(2),1084(2),1094(1),1230(1) at 1hz-2hz-2hz -1hz-1hz
At the second (from the end) STR string is speed at Bit per second of that stream (3740 bps)
When functioning correctly, what does the data look like?
When we connect TX to RX like cuircuit above, all data output will received on RX port.Click to ‘Packet console” to see detail :

andy-parke answered 7 months ago

Thanks, that’s an amazing answer with lots of detail!
I have now managed to receive RTCM data by using the mount point that you selected YUMEFARMF9. It seems that my closest mount points don’t work with the u-center NTRIP client. I tried to see if I could understand why some work and some do not. I did not find any pattern. The closest mount point to me that I have found to work is about 80km away. This still appears to improve the accuracy of the fix location, so is worth using. I shall try to find closer mount points using other networks to see the improvement in output data.