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atbroz asked 8 months ago

I have a brand new simpleRTK2B LR kit and the rover does not connect to the base. Using the RELPOSNED message, I was able to see that it was connecting to a base about 150 meters away, when the base from the kit was right next to it. I tried moving around and I can tell roughly where this other base should be, but I have no idea what is there.
How do I fix this so that my rover will connect to my base instead of this other base?

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

1. Is the base in TIME mode? You need to enable ubx-pvt-nav to check this. This will confirm that the base station is outputting RTCM messages. That sorted out.
2. At the rover, enable ubx-rxm-rtcm and see if messages arrive. If messages arrive and you don’t have RTK, your GPS signal conditions might not be good enough.

If you don’t see anything on ubx-rxm-rtcm, then there is really no communication between base and rover.
3. Did you change any default configuration or returned the boards to “default” with ubx-cfg-cfg? If this is the case, try to load ArduSimple configuration files:

atbroz replied 8 months ago

I went back to the default configuration on both boards and got them to connect to each other at home. However, the problem still persists at my office (where I was testing before). I set up the base and the relative position from the RELPOSNED message seemed to alternate between two bases. It showed one heading and distance for a few seconds, then changed to a different heading and distance for a few seconds, before returning to the first heading and distance. How do I make the rover use only one base, and how do I specify which base it is?
How is it deciding which base to use right now?

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Can you switch off your base, and confirm that you are connecting to another base station?

atbroz replied 8 months ago

Yes. The rover still connects to a base when my base is turned off. If it helps, I have a uCenter recording from the rover where you can see the relative position change drastically while I stand still and walk around a little bit.

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi Atbroz,

That means there is another base station in the area, so you probably are also sending corrections to someone else. To avoid this you can change your radio network ID, please send us an e-mail to and we will support you on this process.