SimpleRTK2B configuration for NTRIP service and Bluetooth xbee socket

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gigi89 asked 1 week ago

can you please send the configuration file used for a single simplertk2b that arrive with the xblee Bluetooth socket configured? I’d like to get the same thing that I had when my simplertk2b+Bluetooth socket arrived.
For firmware 1.12 if possible. Thank you

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

hi gigi if you can send us an e-mail to we will send it to you. we will soon publish a new page in our website with all configuration files.

gigi89 replied 5 days ago

4 days ago I’ve sent an email to through the account I used to buy the product. Hoping to see the mail with the configuration file soon, because actually my simplertk2b is unusable without that proper configuration.
Thank you for all you work and have a nice day, it’s a good product

Ardusimple Staff replied 5 days ago

Hi gigi89, we did’t receive any e-mail from you in our inbox. Can you send again?

gigi89 replied 5 days ago

Ok, now I’ve just emailed you with a different mail address :), thank you