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Jarno asked 3 years ago
Hi there,
I would like to use the ardusimple board for a CereaGPS tractor guidance/autosteer system, but I’m in doubt what is needed. Right now I am wondering which version of the boards and communication form I need. I have a RTK2GO base point around 22 kilometers from here, in the Netherlands.

  • Will the simpleRTK2B V3 – 4G NTRIP starter kit work for that? In that case, do I need a separate SIM card or can I use my phone as a hotspot, or via USB connection or something like that? There is no radio antenna in that kit so I am assuming everything goes though the 4G network?
  • Another option I was thinking about is using simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit LR. If either one of of them would work, is there a difference in accuracy? Especially because I have read that accuracy goes down when the base station is farther away.


Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Jarno,

4G NTRIP Starter Kit has integrated mobile phone, you can introduce your SIM on the kit and after configuring it will connect standalone with your NTRIP caster.
If you are using it with Cerea and your tablet has internet, then you can use the Basic Starter Kit (without 4G) and use an NTRIP client in your tablet. This will be cheaper.

Lastly about LR.
– The advantages vs options above are that you are independent from internet coverage / ntrip service
– The disadvantage is the price (you need 2 units) and that you need to install a base station in a static high point.

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