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Tim asked 8 months ago

I am wanting to setup my simpleRTK2B rover to do serial output to feed an Ag Leader monitor.  The Ag Leader monitor needs NMEA in GGA and VTG.  I have read to use a TTL to RS232 converter with the following hooked up:
Gnd to Gnd
TX1 to TX
RX1 to RX
5v_Out and IOREF to Vcc
Is there an settings I need to change in U-Center to get this to work?  I have the preconfigured Long Range Kit.
Thank you

1 Answers
Kaupoi answered 8 months ago

You need to check that NMEA GGA and VTG output is enabled to uart1. Also a good idea to set output rate to 5-10hz (100-200ms) for agricultural use.