RTK2B-lite does not output ubx-rxm-sfrbx

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tuan asked 3 months ago
I’m trying to set up an RTK2b-lite module to output ubx message to be logged by a PC through serial port. I configured it using simpleRTK2B_FW113_PPK_UART1USB_1Hz-00 from Ardusimple. When connected to u-center and view through packet view, I only see the rawx messages. I tried to enable sfrbx message with the message view but it keep being greyed out. Has any encountered it and may know the solution?
Staff replied 3 months ago

Hi tuan,
Both RAWX and SFRBX are enabled in the configuration file.
Do you have the GNSS antenna connected and is it placed outdoors? The messages are not generated if there are no GNSS signals available.

replied 3 months ago

I see. I was testing it indoor. I didn’t realize sfrbx only generate when GNSS signal is available instead of just generating blank msgs. Thanks for the help

replied 3 months ago

With GPS at least you need continuous signals above 32 dBHz to decode the Navigation Data sub-frames. Each sub-frame being 6 seconds in duration, with 5 sub-frames looping every 30 seconds. The entire super-frame being in a 12.5 minute loop.

Not designed to function indoors.