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CHARLES DEGODET asked 2 years ago
J’ai un  simpleRTK2B V1 + adtateur RS232.
Sur Ubloc, j’ai sélectionné UBX-CFG-PRT, Target UART2 : protocole IN ; none, Protocole OUT : 1. NMEA
Je voudrais envoyer la position GPS à un Amatron (Amzon, terminal agricole).
Celui ci ne reçoit pas l’info.
Que faire ?
G. Thalmann
replied 2 years ago

– use an RS232 adapter
– set the same baud rate as the AMATRON terminal reqired on UART2 (ucenter-ConfigView-PRT(Ports))
– set UART2 out: 1-NMEA;
– enable GGA or RMC or any other required NEMA telegram with an apropriate
update rate on UART2 (ucenter-ConfigView-MSG(messages))
and have good luck

Staff replied 2 years ago

Charles sent us an email that he successfully connected to Amatron. Thanks for your help G. Thalmann.

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