RINEX converter for .ubx file in simpleRT2B board

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dskumher asked 2 years ago
dskumher replied 2 years ago

I am asking this question again as the link given by clive1 did not work. I created .ubx file for 45 minutes using RXM-RAWX & RXM-SFRBX messages. I used RTKLIB RTKCONV tool which created observation file which I sent to AUSPOS & some other website for post processing but I got message that it was a single frequency file whereas I used all the frequencies available perhaps L1,L2 &L2C. However the .O file was successfully processed by NRCAN but for single frequency only. Can any body provide RINEX conversion tool for .UBX file created in simpleRTK2B board ?

EarthImage replied 2 years ago

I’ve successfully submitted RINEX from the simpleRTK2B board to NRCAN ppp, using RTKCONV and got back stellar dual frequency results. I’m using demo5_b31a version of RTKLIB. Within U-Center I have all NMEA messages off and only have NAV-POSLLH, RXM-RAWX and RXM-SFRBX turned on. I did my collects at a 1sec interval. For my first few attempts at ppp I also got back only single frequency. The error I made is that I hadn’t flashed my message changes in the CFG-CFG dialog (send button). I’d also try slightly longer collects. For example a 3.5 hr collect gave 95% sigma errors of .040m Lat, .107m Long and .121 Height. Within RTKConv Options I have the following checked: Scan Obs Types, Iono Corr, Time Corr, GPS, GLO, C, L, D, S, L1, L2 and E5b.

Thank @EarthImage . I will try your work and ask you some question later.