Reading UBX-ESF-MEAS from simpleRTK2Blite

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Saqoosha asked 4 months ago
I am now using simpleRTK2Blite.
I heard that I can get IMU information by enabling UBX-ESF-MEAS, so I did Enable Message from the right-click menu in Message View of u-Center.
However, the UBX-ACK page shows FAILURE and no ESM-MEAS is actually sent.
I have tried resetting the configuration completely, but there seems to be no change.
Is it possible to get IMU information with simpleRTK2Blite?
Staff replied 4 months ago

Unfortunately simpleRTK2Blite doesn’t have integrated IMU, only simpleRTK2B-F9R V3.

replied 4 months ago

Ah.. I didn’t know there was F9R instead of F9P. thx.