PUBX01 message over NMEA on UART1

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stu-surf asked 3 months ago

Hello, I’m trying to get an X, Y, Z output over NMEA. The message under NMEA, PUBX, 01 does not enable and cannot be polled.
When I try to enable the message over UART1 via the “UBX-CFG-MSG” “F1-01 PUBX01” the option in the drop-down menu reverts to an adjacent option. PUBX00 or 03.
Any ideas?

clive1 replied 3 months ago

Pretty sure the PUBX,01 UTM message was only ever supported in the very old Antaris chipset days

You need something doing UTM or MGRS ?

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Stu-surf, did you try PUBX,00? It might contain all info that you need.