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Nathan Cross asked 3 weeks ago

When plugged mu USB into Power + GPS my computer successfully picks up the F9P in Device Manager, i can then select the COM port in U-Center and everything is fine.
However, i when i attempt to plug the USB into Power + Xbee the computer does not seem to recognise the device and picks it up in other devices under “FT230X Basic UART”. As it does not pick it up under a COM Port i cannot connect to the F9P at all through this port in U-Center at all meaning i cannot update firmware and upload the configuration i want. Is there anything simple i can do here to get around this? I have tried downloading the Ublox VCP driver to see if this helps (Windows 10 user) making no difference at all. 
Any help greatly appreciated! 

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Nathan,
1. A question, I’m not sure I understood all the description. power+xbee cannot be used for f9p communications, it’s only to speak with the device you have connected on the xbee socket.
2. That being said, a COM port should appear also when you connect the power+xbee, and in Windows 10 you don’t need any drivers as this are built-in Windows. Would it be possible for you to upload a picture of what you mean by FT230X Basic UART?
3. Did you connect a lot (more than 256) different FTDI devices to this PC? If this is the case all your COM ports are already assigned to previous FTDI and Windows can’t allocate a new COM port to the new device. You need to un-assign a COM port first.

Nathan Cross replied 3 weeks ago

Please see the link below of my device managed when the board in plugged in at Power + Xbee:
When plugged in at Power + GPS the computer picks up the device fine and assigns it COM 4 as shown:

I have been trying to connect to the board using Power + Xbee to perform Hack 2 in order to try to successfully update the firmware which i have not been sucessfull in doing yet. I have been having problems with U-Center crashing/ not responding. I have tried many times with different baud rates with no success.

I do not believe i have any other COM ports in use on my computer at the moment, so i don’t think that would be the issue.

Nathan Cross replied 2 weeks ago

Update..Managed to get sorted…
Downloaded VCP Drivers from – this sorted my COM ports issue.
Managed to perform Hack 3 now that USB + Xbee was being assigned a COM port when connected, then managed to get the firmware updated!

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Great news and thanks for sharing with the community! We didn’t know that Windows 10 could need drivers, thanks!