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Josip Žulj asked 3 months ago
I’ve been trying to configure the mosaic x5/SimpleRTK3B with the Bluetooth/BLE adapter on it for some time. I configured it to send NMEA data to the COM2 port and also to receive RTCMv3 correction to the COM2 port. In this way, on the mobile phone in the software that I use for measurements I can get a FIX solution by connecting to the NTRIP server.
The problem is that as soon as I start connecting to the NTRIP server I lose Beidou satellites, if I turn off receiving RTCM correction then I can no longer get FIX no matter that I am connected to the NTRIP server. I don’t know how to handle it.
Would it help if I changed Bluetooth/BLE to WIFI NTRIP Master and then received data on my mobile phone via TCP server?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
The receiver automatically selects the best available constellation based on sky view and correction data availability.

  • If your NTRIP caster is not providing Beidou corrections, this is why the receiver stops using Beidou.
  • If your NTRIP caster is providing Beidou correction, then in your location the receiver has decided it’s better to not use this corrections and rely on GPS, GLONASS and maybe Galileo to give you the best available position.
Josip Žulj
replied 3 months ago

Based on the signal data from the satellites, the receiver determines which satellites it uses in the calculation. As far as I have experience, it never shuts down the entire system like Beidou for example.
The NTRIP caster I use gives a correction for Beidou satellites.
NTRIP caster does not determine which corrections the receiver will use. The receiver receives what the NTRIP server sends and thus corrects and calculates the position of the receiver.
No one has experience in configuring this receiver, I can’t believe it.

Staff replied 3 months ago

Dear Josip,

Thanks for your reply. We are not the developers of the Septentrio positioning engine, and we can only share what we have observed from our own tests. Septentrio receiver behaves like this with default settings. If you want to change the default behavior, you can try to disable/enable individual constellations or dive into the advanced configuration available in the firmware manual.

Josip Žulj
replied 3 months ago

Thanks, I’ll look further

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