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Kaupoi asked 2 years ago

My base suddenly stopped sending some rtcm messages through xbee LORA. 1005, 1097 and 1230 are missing. 1087 is sent once per second as it should but 1077 is sent only once per 30s as it should be sent once per second too. I’ve checked at uCenter that everything is as is should.
Base is sending RTCM messages to USB correctly.
How to fix this?

clive1 replied 2 years ago

It is not sending them, or you’re not receiving them at the Rover?
If it doesn’t have a static location set in, it won’t provide 1005
If you don’t have any satellites tracking in GPS, etc, it won’t send a message for them.
Review reporting via UBX-NAV-SAT/SIG

clive1 replied 2 years ago

Check if UBX-MON-TXBUF reports anything useful
What firmware are you running? Did you change that recently?

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Kaupoi answered 2 years ago

Firmware version is 1.10. Haven’t updated it recently. TMODE is set FIXED. Location coordinates are set and correct. Fix Mode shows always 2/3D. It’s not changing when I change TMODE to disabled or survey in. Is this ok?
Leds: Xbee>gps off, RTK fix on, gps>xbee flashing, gps fix flashing.
It´s sending all messages correctly through power usb to my server pc, but only 1077 and 1087 comes through lora to my other server. I tried 2 different computers as server too, but it didn’t help. I think base is not sending them.
What should I look at UBX-NAV-SAT/SIG and UBX-MON-TXBUF?

clive1 replied 2 years ago

What measurements/locks it had on assorted signals. That it is outputting to UART2
On the assumption the data is actually sent, but not received, you’d want to review radio performance, changes there, perhaps check antennas, cables, etc. Review RSSI if your radios provide such.

Kaupoi answered 2 years ago

I changed uart2 message types to MSM4 and it works.