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nealei asked 1 year ago

I understand the Ardusimple Long Range Radio Module uses the Digi XBee SX Module which is not LoRaWAN compatible because it doesn’t support the protocol. The Dragino Lora Bee Module seems to be fully compatible with both simpleRTK2B and LoRaWAN, and the external antenna is via I-Pex connector or SMA connector.
Any comments, better alternatives or issues to be considered?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi nealei,
As long as the Dragino module is compatible with XBee socket, it is compatible with our board.

clive1 replied 1 year ago

Seems pretty clear from the Dragino page that this module doesn’t support UART connectivity, and basically uses the XBee form factor, but needs a micro-controller to implement functionality. The MultiTech mDot device would support UART connectivity, but likely needs a more appropriate firmware.

LoRaWAN is also the wrong protocol to be using.

clive1 replied 1 year ago

Off-board can be found at sourcer32@gmail.com and also at STM32 and uBlox forums.

clive1 replied 1 year ago

LoRaWAN is a low bandwidth protocol layered on top of the underlying LoRa radio, and using Gateway devices. Good for devices reporting once or twice daily, think water/electric/gas meters.
You want to be using the LoRa radios as implemented by Semtech, generally the SX1272 or SX1276, or assorted derivatives. I like the Murata solution combining an SX1276 and STM32L072CZ. It looks like the MultiTech mDot and xDot devices could be misappropriated into doing the task, the former being in an XBee foot-print, but a bit rich for my taste.
Microchip (ATMEL) has a similar chip level solution that looks interesting.
I’m using the STMicro LoRa Discovery board for it’s general utility https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/b-l072z-lrwan1.html
But I’ve had boards built combining the Murata module and ZED-F9P

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peterjohn48115 answered 8 months ago

Hi..after uploading the sending code at the waspmote if the board is with the battery it will be sending the coded information in autonomous mode then at other waspmote with the receiving example connected at the computer you can see the received packets through the serial monitor.