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Is there a limit at 8Hz for moving base setup?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsIs there a limit at 8Hz for moving base setup?
Leonardo Garberoglio asked 2 weeks ago
Hi, I’ve read on some webpages that the max output rate of moving base setup is 8Hz (at least that is what I understand, my be I’m getting that wrong). Is that right? I see that there is a config file for working in moving base at 10Hz.
So could I get moving base setup at 10Hz? can I get moving base + fixed base station station (for position corrections) all working at 10Hz?
replied 2 weeks ago

The Fixed Base doesn’t need to be generating data at 8 or 10 Hz, 2 Hz is more than adequate. It is sustaining information.

uBlox moves around the top speed ceiling from FW release to FW release.
On HPG 1.30 4-Constellation has a 7 Hz RTK ceiling.

HPG/HDG 1.13 has been been very robust for me at 8 Hz, but I’m not doing rocketry.

Leonardo Garberoglio
replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Clive I’m using it on a research ASV working at very low speed and open sky. Do you see any problem to achieve 10 Hz?

replied 2 weeks ago

Right so not doing missiles/rockets, if your system has good command of the time-domain, you might want to consider dialing back the rate.

With 1.30 you’ll need to go to 3-Constellations (dropping BEIDOU) to hit 10 Hz reliably, the attitude end of a moving-base configuration is 5 Hz


The 1.13 FW has slightly more bandwidth, but still to get 10 Hz on an F9H you’d need to be 2-Constellation GPS+GLO to hit 10 Hz

Read the datasheets *very* carefully.

If you really need the higher solution rates you might need to be looking at higher tier devices like the Septentrio Mosaic

Leonardo Garberoglio
replied 2 weeks ago

Ok, I see it’s a tradeoff between constellation vs output rate. Actual usecase is a seabed mapping with a rotating ecosounder. It can measure at 10hz so I would like to have each point georeferenced.
I know that I should have a navigation system that integrate gps with other sensors and get more than 10hz making corrections at just 5hz, that could be the next step. Right now I referenced each point just with gps data.
I think I will stick at 5hz, it’s working very well this way. I may use the time to work on the navigation system instead of trying to get the system working at 10hz and wasting time solving problem that may occur on the GPS side.
Thank again

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 weeks ago
10Hz is possible, you need to disable some constellations. 8Hz limit is with the default constellation settings. Check zed-f9p datasheet for more details on this.