How to setup a a rover with heading and cm level RTK

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsHow to setup a a rover with heading and cm level RTK
assaf asked 3 years ago
Dear ArduSimple team,
We are using the LR starter kits and looking for a way to get cm-level RTK position reports on a rover (as supported in the SimpleRTK2B LR kit by default), but with additional heading information.
We thought about re-using one of the SimpleRTK2B kits we already have to establish a static_base<->moving_base<->rover topology.
Our end client is setup to receive UBX PVT & UBX RELPOS messages over USB.
We think the topology should look like:
What is the proper way to configure each of the station? Which configuration file applies to each?
Staff replied 3 years ago

The configuration files for a moving base setup are available here:
– “Base” for the base.
– “Moving Base of the simpleRTK2B+heading kit” for the moving base
– “Rover of simpleRTK2B+heading kit” for the rover

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