How to generate UBX files with serial data logger

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LRB asked 5 months ago
I have purchased an XBee serial data logger to go with my simpleRTK2B v3. I have followed the tutorial and loaded the configuration file: RAW data (PPK) over UART1 & USB at 1Hz.
Files are being generated on the micro SD Card in the form: LOG00003.TXT
These are relatively large so they seem to contain data. How do convert these to UBX? Or is there a way for the serial data logger to log UBX files directly to the micro SD card?
Ultimately I want to convert the UBX to RINEX.
replied 5 months ago

I doubt they are in an intermediate form, likely contain UBX data, rename to .UBX and try importation into uCenter or UBX to RINEX tools

replied 4 months ago

Thanks – I’ll give that a go. Is anyone form Ardusimple staff able to confirm that this is the expected behavour? Maybe my device is misconfigured?

This is the ArduSimple accessory I am using:

replied 4 months ago

the .TXT file is a .UBX file. You can convert it with RTKLIB.
I use version “RTKLIB_bin-rtklib_2.4.3_b33” or “demo5_b33c”. Maybe both work fine.
Start “rtkconv.exe”, select the .TXT as input file, select u-blox in the “Format” list and select the output files you need.
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replied 4 months ago

Used the OpenLager (dRonin) board here, the LOG012.TXT files contain all the salient data, and were usable directly.

The end-game at some point is to port CORS-Lite across and record RINEX files directly.

replied 4 months ago

Thanks for the info about openlager! We always learn something from you!

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LRB answered 4 months ago
Thanks for your help all. I can confirm that RTKLIB / RTKCONV works fine converting these TXT files to RINEX (as suggested).
replied 3 months ago

May I ask what other configuration change aside from setting the file type to ubx on rtkconv did you make to convert the file to rinex. I am running into an issue where my conversion failed even when I change the input file type.

replied 3 months ago

Hi tuan,

No changes at all really from processing a regular UBX. I set the format to u-blox UBX, only generated a *.obs file and set my interval to 1 second. In the Options page I allowed all corrections, all obs types, all satellite systems, all signals, and set my time tolerance to 0.025.

Hope that helps. If still not working I’d suggest recording a UBX through uCentre or STRSVR check that it processes OK and if so use the same parameters with the Serial Data Logger.