How good is simplertk2b?

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Gustavo R asked 3 weeks ago

I am looking to buy a simplertk2b, but before that I wanted to see from the customers themselves their experience with this receiver, if delivers what’s being promised( getting 1cm precision and if can hold the precision)

13vadimka13 replied 3 weeks ago

I measured ground control point (GCP) by simpleRTK2b in 1 hour static mode and staked out it in RTK in 1 cm from GCP. It was in 35 km from base station with clean sky.

Also I have experience with measurments in con wood (15 m hight trees, I stayed between its, I have 30 degrees of clean sky above me). 30 min static mode (writing UBX (RINEX) file) and RTK 1hz gave me 3 cm and 100% fix error from land mark. Distance between base and rover is 35 km.

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clive1 answered 3 weeks ago

I can drive a vehicle back and forth in a field, repeatably, with around 3cm of cross-track error on average for the entire system, over the entire run.
So yes, cm level accuracy is achievable.