Help, what components do I need?

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Marko asked 3 weeks ago

I am thinking of making RTK positioning to help me in tractor when spraying or throwing fertilizer.
I have app on android phone that I want to stream data from external GPS via bluetooth.
Nearest NTRIP caster is around 38km away, is this too far for precision of 10-20cm? In case it is too far I was thinking of
getting 2 ardusimple boards, make one act as base and one as rover (I suppose base is fixed location and rover is mounted on tractor, right ?)
What module and add-ons do I need ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

With a caster around 38km away, you might want to give a try to simpleRTK2B + Bluetooth + survey antenna, might be enough to get 3-4 centimeter. This is just a suggestion without warranty, as there are many factors that can influcence maximum distance to caster.

If you decide to go for your own base+rover setup, easiest is a base+rover set (LR recommended), and the Shield for Second XBee socket together with Bluetooth so you can connect from your phone.

The you will need the device to control your sprayer based on GPS position.

glusacm replied 3 weeks ago

Just to be sure,
I can use Bluetooth module to connect phone and simpleRTK2B so it can get NTRIP caster data, and send back gps position signal to app on same phone ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Yes that’s the typical use case, it works.