F9P Base, cant get it to output RTCM

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Darren Lobb asked 1 month ago

Hi guys,
Reluctantly posting on here after far to many hours of trying….
Am trying to get an RTK basestation setup with ESPRTK, and an ardusimple F9P
I have tried both UART1 and UART2 outputs but cant get any RTCM messages, also if i view RTCM messages in the U center, there is nothing appearing (Had to enabled the RTCM messages on USB which un-greyed the RTCM outputs on the left of the messages window, but still nothing on the right, or output on the UART pins…)
Have put into time mode, and its reporting sucessfull, fix mode is “TIME” in U center.
Have set bad rates, and UART1 & UART2 output to RTCM3, and set the messages I want to go to both UART1, UART2 and USB…but I cant for the life of me get it working…
What could I be doing wrong / is there anywhere that outputs requirements for RTCM to enable / help diagnose whats stopping it from sending them?

1 Answers
Darren Lobb answered 1 month ago

For anyone else having a similer issue, have resolved now, turned out it was because I didn’t have the IORef pin connected to the device I was pushing the data into so wasnt setup correctly, as soon as i connected it , it established the connection and started working!

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Thanks for posting the solution, sorry we didn’t read the post early enough to help you. Have a nice weekend.