Ethernet NTRIP Master not connecting to caster

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Barcaz01 asked 12 months ago
Hi at all,
I have issues trying to connect Ethernet NTRIP Master to the caster
The device is connected to the LAN because I can access over it’s TCP server.
I can access the caster using the software strsvr and using the same name and password I loaded in the ethernet configuration file (under “NTRIP Server settings”).
I followed the tutorial to perform the firmware upgrade to 1.1 version (to “Reset power on your device” I simply removed the usb from pc).
Unfortunately ethernet shield is not connecting to the caster.
Is this a bug?
Thank you
Staff replied 11 months ago

Does your caster need your position in order to send you corrections?
Which receiver are you using: simpleRTK2B or simpleRTK3B?

replied 11 months ago

My caster is and I use the receiver simpleRTK2B as base, connected to the LAN with the Ethernet NTRIP Master.
The coordinates of the base are setted in U-Center.
With the STRSVR tool of RTKLib I can connect the simpleRTK2B base to the caster (as input I use the local IP address of the base), but using only the config loaded in the Ethernet NTRIP drive the device isn’t able to connect to the caster.
Thank you for the help

Staff replied 10 months ago

Could you resolve the case?

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