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Mauro Bettella asked 9 months ago

Good morning, I need help!
My simpleRTK2BLite+BT no longer works.
I touched the configuration with U-Center and I must have messed up.
There is a method for restoring the factory configuration.
Thank you.

Trebla replied 9 months ago

Rtfm. Search at u-blox home page for “u-center user guide” . There chapter 5.1.6 Action toolbar

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Mauro Bettella answered 9 months ago

Many thanks for the help and suggestions!
I also saw this page ( where a procedure for simpleRTK2B is illustrated.
A similar procedure also exists for simpleRTK2BLite
I have to study the U-Center manual more carefully.
I hope to be able to recover my GNSS receiver.
Thank you.

Mauro Bettella answered 9 months ago

I managed to restart simpleRTK2BLite!
New firmware:
Configuration file downloaded from
—-> srtk2b_bluetooth_FW_HPG112.txt
I have to finalize the configuration,
I’m getting an error connecting to the NTRIP Client ….

23:58:13 Reconnection thread starting new session.
23:58:13 Start NTRIP session.
23:58:13 Connected to NTRIP server.
23:58:13 Reconnection thread sending last request.
23:58:13 Send mountpoint request (IMAX3)
23:58:13 Data received from server (101bytes).
23:58:15 Sending NMEA request.
23:58:15 Sending request to NTRIP server.
23:58:15 Request sent.
23:58:15 Request thread going to sleep.
23:58:18 Connection error received (10035).
23:58:18 ERROR: Connection lost.
23:58:18 ERROR: Failure in retrieving correction data.
23:58:19 Reconnection thread ending current session.
23:58:19 Ending NTRIP session.
23:58:19 Closing connection to server.
23:58:19 Request thread awake.
23:58:19 Server connection closed.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

On 21/02/2020 15:23, Mauro Bettella wrote:
> Good morning Team Ardusimple
> Good news…….
> now simpleRTK2BLite works with SW Maps!
> My suspicion was well founded:
> my Android smartphone is localized with Italian language.
> I changed the language setup to US English
> and now it works!
> The problem concerns the use of separator characters for numeric values:
> Example:
> number: 1234567,890
> ITALY (EU) Setting: 1234567,890 (comma)
> US / UK Setting: 1234567.890 (dot)
> We need to check how simpleRTK2BLite provides numeric data.
> I will contact the SW Maps developers to report the problem, which affects a large part of the European market !!!!
> I will disturb you again for another clarification regarding the configuration of simpleRTK2BLite
> Thank you
> Mauro