creating binary file, converting it to RINEX to post process the base station coordinates

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dskumher asked 2 months ago
I have 2 ardusimple RTK2B  boards. I want to know accurate coordinates of my base station position.
Please explain step by step as to how to create binary file , convert it to RINEX file & the website where I can send this RINEX file to post process it to get accurate coordinates of my base station.
What are the U blox command line(s) to create binary & RINEX files in  ZEDF9-P module ?

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clive1 answered 2 months ago
For Observation files, enable UBX-RXM-RAWX message
For Navigation files, enable UBX-RXM-SFRBX message, although this data is typically available from CORS, along with Precise Ephemeris data

To do the RINEX conversion perhaps RTKLIB’s RTKCONV

OPUS or other systems might do the work.

I personally use different RINEX generation tools, and post-processing software.

replied 4 weeks ago

some further clarifications needed : 1-receiver to be kept in fixed (time mode) or rover mode ? 2- which UBX MSG. output mode to be kept : UBX, RAW or RTCM for creating binary file, 3- which format to be kept in RTKLIB RTKCONV : UBX, auto or RTCM ?

replied 4 weeks ago

When collecting, I would just leave the receiver in normal mode, make sure the antenna is static.
You need about 20-30 mins of UBX-RXM-RAWX messages, which you then convert into a RINEX OBSERVATION FILE.
You process this against a similar contemporaneous observation file recorded at the CORS / REFERENCE location.

replied 4 weeks ago


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