config on simpleRTk2Blite will not be saved

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Jens Weber asked 11 months ago

Hello, i do the saving exactly like in the picture. But after restarting the simpleRTk2Blite the configs are gone. the only settings i have want change is UART1 protocol to RTCM3 only. Does anyone have a solution?
Saveconfigure to FLASH F9P-ESPrtk F9P ESP32Low cost RTK_1.png

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

What you show is the correct procedure, as long the message is received by the simpleRTK2B. Did you find a solution?

Geekon replied 9 months ago

Hi, I have been dealing with the same issue. The solution is to safeboot RTK2Blite by connecting safeboot and GND pins located by the pixhawk connector. When you have those connected just put it into the xbee usb adapter (still keeping the connection) and connect from hyperterminal at 9600bd. Send “0x55 0x55” and close the port. Open u-center and update firmware with only chip-rewrite box ticked. Thats it 🙂

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Kaupoi answered 7 months ago

So configuring simpleRTK2Blite is much more complicated than simpleRTK2B? Can’t be configured straight thru USB?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Same complexity for both products.

Kaupoi answered 7 months ago

According to what Geekon wrote above, configuring lite seems not so simple 🤔

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Geekon comments are related to recovering a “blicked” a lite, and the steps for the standard simpleRTK2B are the same. A “bricked” lite can happen when configuration on zed-f9p is not accepted and zed-f9p starts resetting after boot (for exemple, uart overflow by too many enabled messages). For normal configuration Geekos steps are not required.

clive1 replied 7 months ago

Some people have the ability to complicate even the most simple of things.
The Lite needs to be configured via the USB Dongle, but the ZED-F9P is inherently the same device with the same FLASH memory methods.
Saving to Battery Backed RAM only works if you have a battery powering the ZED via its VBATT pin.