Cable or connector quality issue?

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beatified asked 5 months ago

So I had good luck in testing with the cable that is shipped with the survey antenna. Then to do a permanent install I got a weather proof box and drilled holes and pigtails to come out of the box again so that i can seal the connectors and not compromise the weather proofing of the box.
When I tried to tighten the sma connector I noticed that it didn’t tighten to the point of not allowing the cable to swivel. From my experience when fully tightened the cable is locked in place for the most part as well as the sma connector not being able to tighten any further. I am pretty sure that the reason this happened is because I have a bulk head type female sma connector going through the box and it has a nut on the outside to keep it tight and in place. My assumption is that because of this the cable is not fully seating when connected.
Could this be the cause of poor signal quality? It is in a different location but in my opinion it cannot account for poor signal basically directly above the antenna.
Please see the pictures of signal quality.

Ardusimple Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi beatified,
I’m not sure I understand your setup. Could you describe again maybe with pictures which cable from us or from another shop you are using inside and outside your weatherproof box? You are definitely loosing too much signal in this installation.

beatified replied 5 months ago

I hope these explain I did notate the pictures. Just remember this is an example of the install. The real install is water proofed and on a roof so kind of hard to get to.

Ardusimple Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi beatified, thanks for the clarification.
Yes, a not strong connection can mean your problems with the signal levels. You need to guarantee that the connector is tight.