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spamalot2021 asked 4 months ago
To use PointPerfect I had to update the firmware. Then I had to update the configuration file. I hoped I could use Bluetooth, PointPerfect didn’t work. I then enabled CFG-UART1INPROT-SPARTN and I could get corrections via the usb hookup to the phone. Via usb, it worked. Then I tried Bluetooth enabling CFG-UART2INPROT-SPARTN. I get coordinates that are the same as uncorrected. What should I do to get PointPerfect corrections with Bluetooth?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
It should also work over bluetooth, if you are using ArduSimple Bluetooth at the moment of speaking, note that UART2 interface should be configured at 38’400bps.
replied 4 months ago

I have the Calibrated Surveyor. I loaded the “Bluetooth on simpleRTK2B or simpleRTK2Blite” configuration file. I enabled CFG_MSGOUT_NMEA_ID_GST_UART1  and CFG_MSGOUT_NMEA_ID_GST_UART2 and cfg-uart1inprot-spartn as well as cfg-uart2inprot-spartn.

In u-center it shows CFG_UART2-BAUDRATE and CFG_UART1-BAUDRATE as U4 38,400  0x9600

USB Connection and accuracy is fine. Bluetooth shows paired. I am seeing coordinates with Bluetooth, however no corrections are taking place. The measurements are exactly as I see without PointPerfect corrections connected.

I gather there is no option to adjust baud rate in GNSS Master.

Staff replied 4 months ago

Thank you for the extra information. With calibrated surveyor the only steps are:
– Upload the “bluetooth” configuration file
– Enable SPARTN with cfg-uart2inprot-spartn.

Are you storing in flash memory the changes?
Maybe a few screenshots or video recording on how you are performing the process can help us detect which small step we are missing. You can send them to

replied 4 months ago

I have emailed more information. It was set in Flash and sent via ubx/cfg/cfg.  What is mentioned above didn’t work for me. Using USB I get "N/A" for accuracy and error.

With only cfg-uart2inprot-spartn enabled Bluetooth still does not send corrections.

Wouldn't NMEA messages also have to be enabled on uart1 and uart2? A month and a half and so many hours and still no solution. Please help.

Staff replied 4 months ago

We couldn’t find your email in the info@ardusimple inbox, did you get a reply and case is solved?

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