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Franz asked 8 months ago

Is it possible to install a BASE with F9P for a RAVEN Viper4 steeringsystem.
We get RTK Fix but very unstable. 

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Franz,
We don’t know the RAVEN system in detail. If it allows for external GPS unit via serial port with NMEA yes, you can replace by one of our systems.

AndrewRL replied 8 months ago


Are you saying that the RTK fix you get from the Raven network is poor and you are wondering whether you would do better with a local base instead. If so, probably yes, but beware a lot of farming brand-name receivers insist on receiving specific RTCM messages (eg 1008) which Simpertk2b does not naturally supply. Also you need to check the Raven is happy for you to enter details of third-party bases.

Or are you saying that you have already connected Raven to Simplertk2b but the results are disappointing? In which case if you share details of how you have it set up (and specifically how you are getting messages between the two) and it may be possible to give some pointers how to improve it.

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Franz answered 8 months ago

Sorry for the delay,
First is to say, that the RTK System and RTK Provider of raven do a brilliant job. It will be a long and hard way, to reach their quality.
The main reason to change RTK provider is the price per year.
We are still testing a lot of adjustments and so it is to early to say something. At the moment we cannot use it on field.