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magwe asked 10 months ago
magwe replied 10 months ago

I need to sync a system clock to GPS time and I am not getting the /dev/pps0 device generated by gpsd to work on ubuntu. Is the SimpleRTK2b 1.1 not sending a 1pps over USB-UART? Do I have to pull this signal from a pin on the board itself?


clive1 replied 10 months ago

Pretty sure uBlox don’t support any kind of 1PPS signalling on DCD or other pin status bits for their CDC/ACM (VCP) implementation.
And I don’t think ArduSimple/EPS provide anything on the FTDI USB interface either

clive1 replied 10 months ago

A workable approach might be to get a FTDI USB breakout board that exposes DCD, DSR, or CTS, and use one of those inputs for 1PPS, and RX/TX for the ZED-F9P UART1, powering IOREF with 3.3V, and the board with 5V

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magwe answered 10 months ago

Hi Clive and thanks for the reply!
The system I need to have time synced has GPIO pins, so I guess that would be my first attempt.
I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to solder and rebuild kernels but… *sigh*
Thanks again!