ArduSimple new (lower) prices for 2022

Ardusimple 2021 new prices

Thanks to your trust we continue growing, and this is allowing us to offer you the same products at better price.

You might have read in the news about the global shortage of components and inflation. This is making this year in particular, extremely difficult for manufacturing products, as there’s little availability of components. In addition, most of our suppliers have decided to increase prices for 2022. Some of the alternative websites have also decided to follow the trend and increase prices too.

At ArduSimple we believe that affordable RTK just started, and prices need to go down not up!

And for above reasons we really need your help to spread the message: ArduSimple is not increasing product prices in 2022! And actually some products are getting cheaper!

The following table summarizes the products with a price reduction, the rest of our products will keep the same price:

ProductNew priceOld priceDiscount
simpleRTK3B Heading797$ or 699€855$ or 750€7%
MR Starter Kit584$ or 512€ 627$ or 550€7%
simpleRTK2B+heading Kit485$ or 425€ 506$ or 444€4%
simpleRTK2B ZED-F9R 341$ or 299€ 554$ or 486€ 38%
SD Card datalogger56$ or 49€67$ or 59€17%
Radio module MR56$ or 49€64$ or 56€13%
RS232-to-everything adapter52$ or 46€55$ or 48€4%
XBee RS232 Plugin33$ or 29€ 36$ or 32€ 9%
Bluetooth XBee Module33$ or 29€39$ or 34€15%
Raspberry Pi adapter18$ or 16€21$ or 18€11%
High Power Dual USB to microUSB11$ or 10€17$ or 15€33%
Pixhawk cable set15$ or 13€17$ or 15€13%

*Official prices are set in Euro, USD prices may slightly change depending on live currency rate.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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